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Father and Son Taking a Nap

10 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

from: The National Sleep Foundation

We like this article because it shares different ideas that make it possible to have the best nights sleep. It is imperative to have a good nights sleep EVERY day so that you can be ready to take on anything the next day, like driving, work, and spending time with family. 

Driving Lesson

Detection & Prevention 

from: The National Sleep Foundation "Drowsy Driving" webpage

Not only does this page give you a taste of the statistics that surround fatigued or drowsy driving, but it also gives you signs to look for that you might be driving fatigued and it gives you a list of people who are "at-risk" of fatigued driving more often. 

Analyzing the data

Drivers are Falling Asleep Behind the Wheel

from: The National Safety Council

This article highlights the impact, prevalence, and interventions for drowsy driving. They highlight that each year there is a Drowsy Driving Awareness Week in November. They also highlight that "driving while drowsy is similar to driving under influence of alcohol."

Country Drive

This article demonstrates how big of a problem driving drowsy has become. They state that driving drowsy is dangerous for both you and everyone on the road because it slows your reaction time, inhibits good decision making, and make you less able to pay attention. 

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