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Our Story


The Walters family. 

Nicole, Izzy, Mike, Nicholas, Jill, Sofie

On the afternoon of June 30, 2017, our family was traveling on I-76E towards Kearney, Nebraska. Just about 10 miles passed Sterling, Colorado, I76E was closed. Our stopped car was at the end of the line of traffic, and was slammed into by a driver who was found to be asleep at the wheel and had set his cruise control at 75 mph.


As a result of the crash, our family dogs died instantly, our dad died only minutes after help arrived, and our mom, and us kids were rushed to the emergency room. After several intense surgeries and due to her extensive injuries, we were forced to make the decision to take our mom off of life support, and she passed on July 20, 2017.

That day, our family went from six members to just us two. Since then, we have struggled, grieved, tried our best to heal, and learned so much about life and adulthood. We both adopted German Shepherd dogs, Kona and Luna, who have been a saving grace and a grounding force in our lives throughout both the good and the bad times. We look forward to sharing our story with you all, and working together to raise awareness of the dangers of fatigued driving. 

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